Why I Threw Away 90 Ounces of My Breast Milk

Anyone who has been able to breastfeed their child or been around a mom who has spent hours a day pumping knows that breast milk is like liquid gold. This is more so during the early weeks after the child is born. Breast milk not only nourishes your baby but also protects your vulnerable newbornContinue reading “Why I Threw Away 90 Ounces of My Breast Milk”

6 Things That Change When You Become a New Mom

We are often told to plan and prepare for things in life, but I have found out that we can’t plan for everything. One of them being motherhood. I didn’t know what questions to ask before I became I mom. I lost my mom at the tender age of 14 years shortly after I gotContinue reading “6 Things That Change When You Become a New Mom”

Mommy Brain And Finding Your Brain Again.

This may be one of my favorite posts written thus far as it pertains to many if not all first-time-moms. Mommy brain and losing yourself. What is mommy brain? When does it start? What causes it? Is it a real thing? This past weekend my friend and I went to the spa to unwind whileContinue reading “Mommy Brain And Finding Your Brain Again.”

8 Tips for Baby’s First Birthday

Yay! Baby has finally reached their 12 month milestone; the moment mom and dad have been waiting for. But let’s face it, isn’t baby’s first bash for the parents and their friends? It’s okay mom. You and dad are just overly excited that you survived the first 12 months without giving up. We totally getContinue reading “8 Tips for Baby’s First Birthday”

6 common controversial topics every mama faces

Becoming a mom can be a very exciting and overwhelming experience. You are excited to meet your baby and so is everyone else. You have picked out the most beautiful crib, highly recommended baby bottles, the physician suggested breast-pump to name a few. Yes, you are all smiles just at the thought of bringing yourContinue reading “6 common controversial topics every mama faces”

Escaping the rut of motherhood

Motherhood is beautiful but can also be messy. It’s like you are one person before pregnancy, then another person during pregnancy and a whole new person after childbirth. The new person you become after childbirth is the one many moms claim change them completely. You begin (like you haven’t already) putting someone else’s needs beforeContinue reading “Escaping the rut of motherhood”

New parents and marriage after baby

It’s very normal and usual to notice some changes in your marriage after the first baby. There’s the good, the bad and the ugly. I mean you have just undergone a major transformation in your lives and it is only expected for your temperaments to follow suit. Whomever says everything is the same after babyContinue reading “New parents and marriage after baby”

7 Tips for Accepting Your Postpartum Body

You are just returning from the hospital or birthing center and the first thing you can think of is food or sleep or painkillers. Food, because you and baby just completed a marathon and are famished. Sleep, because you have been awake in labor for hours or days. Painkillers, because you so sore from theContinue reading “7 Tips for Accepting Your Postpartum Body”